Sunday, 10 January 2016

Dress link clothes review

Hello everyone.I’ve been busy lately and i haven’t post anything on tumblr,facebook .College,friends,boyfriend,holidays and etc. 
Well i recieved some clothes from     and honestly i am so happy.  Total Amount was :US$ 22.27 and number of Items:3.
I recieved clothes about 20 days since i order.I really like this site because you can find everything,really EVERYTHING,even clothes for baby and kids. I was really suprised.
On this site i really like clothes review,it’s important to customers,and you can find review and also pictures on almost every item.Don’t forget about it.

I will start with my favorite item. I order this shirt because my sister liked it so much. Shirt is so cute,my friends also liked it.You can also roll on sleeves,but it was so cold and it didn’t.This shirt is great for summer,the material is ok.Also you can see flowers,i like this design,combination of flowers and clear white.
The second photo is also me next to the painting .I don’t know why i pictured with this painting,but you know these artistic moment (it’s strange beacuse  i’m not very creative person :p). Also i put some effect and color is a bit different.  You can find this shirt on this link,now is only 5,58 $. :D 
Second item is a small handbag,it’s adorable.You can order with different patterns.Also this handbag is for summer,but you can wear it on spring,also autumn.It was really cheap and i didin’t want to miss this opportunity.
Link of this item. now is: 5,05 $
The third item is also shirt.I was really suprised,i thought it would be shorter and i was afraid about it,but it turned great.Material is ok,could be better,but i liked it.It’s perfect for all seasons,it’s perfect for my college and it’s elegant.I pictured this item really bad,i don’t know why :( You can see better
Shirt can be in blue, and black color.
This shirt looks better than on the photos.Trust me. now is 11,03 $
Well people it’s all for today.I hope you had great New year and Christmas.Love ya all. x.o.x.o. 


  1. I like print on handbag.

  2. Sve pohvale za kombinacije. Ništa lepše od poslovnog stila oblačenja :-)

  3. Cute sweater :)
    Maria V.